Are Global Warming, Environmentalist Academics Preventing Innovations in Other Sectors?

Indeed, I believe it is quite dangerous to funnel all your research and development dollars into only one sector of our economy. It is important to develop new innovations, inventions, and concepts in every sector, and our government should be funding pure research for certain things, as well as encourage innovation in all sectors. It doesn’t make sense to put all of our eggs in one basket, because any entrepreneur knows that innovations can come from anywhere. Apparently the academics and the politicians, and those in the flow of money with all their crony capitalist friends didn’t get the memo. Okay so, let’s talk for a second shall we?

If everyone is focused on global warming and environmentalism, then all of our R&D money is being spent in that sector, rather than other places we need it to be, and that’s a travesty. The most pressing issue of mankind is death. Every human that has ever lived has died. We talk about curing cancer, AIDS, and some of these other diseases but shouldn’t we really be trying to prevent human death? There are 7 billion people on the planet, and they are all going to die. Shouldn’t we be solving that problem first and foremost?

Sure we should, but right now we are so focused on global warming, environmentalism, and eco-friendly solutions that everyone seems to be dropping the ball, and engaged in short-term, shortsighted thinking. I thought academics were supposed to be good planners and efficient with resources – apparently not, not even a little bit – of course, I only bring this up to be dramatic, what I really mean to say is that; if everyone is focused on only one thing, and only a few people will ever design anything which will be a major breakthrough, then we have hundreds of millions of Americans wasting their time, when they should be focusing on and working on all the other pressing matters.

It seems every engineer coming out of college wants to work on alternative energy. Yes, that’s all nice and good, but what about everything else? Not long ago, I talked to a human resource director from Boeing, and she mentioned to me that many of the young engineers coming to work for the company wanted to work on new fuel-efficient aerodynamic and aircraft designs. But none of them really wanted to come to work to design landing gear systems, latrines, or brackets which go inside the aircraft which are being manufactured.

Those are also very important jobs. Are you beginning to see my point here? What I’m saying is we’ve gone overboard on all this alternative energy, global warming, and environmental religion. Worse, we are forcing massive amounts of taxpayer’s money into only one sector, and we’ve had rather dismal results, considering how much money we’ve spent. And now we have lots of kids graduating from college with engineering degrees, at a time when we have a shortage of engineers, and they are all going into the same field.

There aren’t enough jobs in alternative energy, we’ve blown up yet another big bubble, and wasted a tremendous amount of resources. It’s just really poor planning as far as I’m concerned. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.