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We can help you in designing your website.

Not only will we bring you our technical skills in computer programming, database management, graphic design, etc., but also our environmental business skills: all the issues mentioned on Recy.Net are mastered either by our employees, by our partners. The interest of the mix between these two poles of skills is the development of your site with a marketing and technical approach, relevant, targeted and economic. Our most beautiful reference in website design and animation is, without a doubt, Recy.Net , the first French tools website in terms of visitors and users .

Key points of the development of his site

It is important to define the most precisely a specification corresponding to identified needs. Your website is a showcase for your business knowledge, your know-how, etc. It is a reflection of your skills.

It is a means of communication that can be a simple product showcase, or be more dynamic by proposing a product catalog, quotes, a newsletter, etc.

For indication, here are some elements of reflection around the construction of a website:

Website creation (basic proposal)

  • Definition of needs and expectations,
  • Definition of the flow chart.
  • Definition of the graphic charter.
  • Creation of the site in HTML format.
  • Declination of the site in several languages.

Site management (free or paid services, depending on the volume)

  • Deposit and management of the domain name.
  • Hosting the site.
  • Provision of a site administration area
  • Provision of statistics on visits.
  • Providing email addresses.
  • Update the content.
  • Update of the site on deeper evolutions: graph, logigram, etc.

Points to boost the site (advanced proposal)

  • Creating and managing a database: “Product Sheets” / Contacts / etc.
  • Creation of an internal and / or external forum.
  • Creation of a newsletter for customers and / or internal.
  • Receipt and issuance of commercial quotes.
  • Management and monitoring of quotes: state / relaunch / etc.
  • SEO on French and international search engines.
  • Referencing on professional sites like www.recy.net